Fresh bid to KO waste plant is ‘brushed aside’

Margaret Mitchell says residents have been let down.
Margaret Mitchell says residents have been let down.

The Scottish Government has ruled out a fresh attempt to block a controversial incinerator plan.

It has confirmed that all planning applications for such waste plants will be decided by the Communities Secretary from now on.

However, that doesn’t apply to past cases such as the incinerator at Whitehill in Hamilton. Planning permission for that was rejected by South Lanarkshire Council but granted on appeal by a Government reporter - a paid official, not a politician.

There are claims that fumes from the plant would affect surrounding areas such as Bothwell, although Clean Power Properties says it will use high tech methods to extract energy from waste and pollution won’t be an issue. It expects to generate enough electricity to power 15,000 homes.

Central Scotland MSP Margaret Mitchell has been told the Communities Minister won’t use the new power to re-examine old cases.

She said: “It is all very unfair to the residents in Whitehill, Bothwell, Uddingston and other areas who are desperately worried.”

Mrs Mitchell accused the Government of “brushing aside” concerns.