Fireworks shoot into crowd at Strathclyde Park display

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Spectators at Saturday’s bonfire night festivities in Strathclyde Park had to rush for cover when fireworks shot into the crowd.

North Lanarkshire Council is now awaiting an explanation from its firework contractor about what went wrong.

A malfunction during the spectacular finale of the event caused rockets to travel horizontally from the platform in the middle of Strathclyde Park instead of harmlessly into the sky.

Thankfully, it is understood no one was injured in the incident.

One witness said: “There was a serious malfunction of Saturday night where the fireworks exploded on the platform.

“The explosion was huge and rather than firing up into the air the fireworks travelled at 90 degrees and shot into the crowd.

“The fireworks ended quickly after this and well ahead of the scheduled finish.”

@PerpetualCoding tweeted the council: “Strathclyde Park display was dangerous. Huge fireworks going off at ground level. Misfires and strays. Won’t be taking my kids back.”

The incident has been uploaded to the ‘thomas sorbie go wandering in hills’ YouTube channel and can be seen from after the 16.30 minutes mark.

Ken Forbes, head of Environmental Assets, said: “There was a minor issue towards the finale of the firework display at Strathclyde Park. No one was injured.

“We are awaiting a detailed report from our firework contractor.”