Fields could hold treasures

The public consultation over the Bothwellbank plans have been branded a waste of time.
The public consultation over the Bothwellbank plans have been branded a waste of time.

Archaeologists claim objects dating back to prehistoric times could lie beneath fields earmarked for a major housing development in Bothwell.

They’re demanding that digs take place before building starts to ensure any remains are not destroyed.

Cala Homes has applied to South Lanarkshire Council for planning permission to build 54 homes at Bothwellbank, adjacent to the River Clyde.

The council has received a number of objections from residents in nearby Clyde Avenue and surrounding area who are worried at the increased traffic that will result from more housing.

In a letter to the council West of Scotland Archaeology Service says the area is ‘sensitive’ as it is close to Bothwell Castle and a ‘known medieval focus of activity, Bothwell Burgh’.

The letter states: “There is no reason to suppose there has never been any human activity within these fields for the many thousands of years covered by our understanding of British prehistory and history.

“It is possible that material associated with this may survive in the form of buried sub-surface deposits. Any such remains would be destroyed by the proposed development.”

Meanwhile, Bothwell Community Council branded the planning application ‘misleading’.

It says an area is marked for future development, but no details are provided. It suggests Cala could be eyeing nearly 100 homes in total and says a full traffic impact assessment is needed as well as a Clyde Avenue parking study.

The community council says a public presentation by the developers earlier this year was ‘a waste of time’, adding: “We require full transparency of what is intended and are concerned that this has not been provided.”