End sewage saga once and for all!

Workers tackle sewage problem in New Stevenston.
Workers tackle sewage problem in New Stevenston.

Villagers are hoping a long-running sewage problem which leaves New Stevenston looking ‘like a Third World country’ has finally been fixed.

Scottish Water workmen are replacing pipes which have been leaking human waste on to the road and pavement in the centre of the village.

The problem was first highlighted in the Times & Speaker four years ago. We told how untreated sewage was running down the pavement past shops and the spot where a lollipop lady was taking children across the road.

At that time local councillor Helen McKenna slammed Scottish Water for failing to tackle the problem properly.

Excavation and repair work was then carried out, but Danny Oates, of the Red Lion pub, said that wasn’t the answer and the problem has been as bad as ever, particularly during the rainy winter just past.

He said: “Any time there’s heavy rain we get human waste running past the pub. We have to keep the lounge door closed as customers would have to walk through the filth.

“I saw a woman in a wheelchair go past and had to tell her the wheels were covered in sewage. It’s not right - it’s like something you see in a Third World country. It’s been going on for years and I just hope this work is the solution.”

Scottish Water said the work due to be completed this week should help, but stopped short of promising an end to the problem once and for all.

A spokesman said: “Some work has previously been carried out. When flooding has occurred we have attended to clean up.

“We are currently replacing sections of sewer pipes in Jerviston Street and Clydesdale Street. This work should help to alleviate flooding.”