Drivers face town centre crackdown

PC Brian Ratcliffe is warning drivers who ignore no entry sign in Pollock Street
PC Brian Ratcliffe is warning drivers who ignore no entry sign in Pollock Street

Police are warning of a crackdown after losing patience with drivers breaking the rules in Motherwell town centre.

Motorists who ignore the no entry sign in Pollock Street will be hit in the pocket while efforts will be stepped up to deter parking on double yellow lines and in taxi spaces.

Town centre officer PC Brian Ratcliffe says it’s time to get tough after “numerous” complaints from members of the public and cabbies.

Only buses, taxis and business delivery vehicles are allowed access along Pollock Street to Merry Street, but the rule is flouted by many motorists.

PC Ratcliffe said: “They use it as a short cut to get on to Hamilton Road, rather than follow the one-way system.

“We have been advising motorists against doing this, but now we are going to enforce the law more rigorously and that means fixed penalties.”

Other areas of concern are drivers parking in the taxi rank on Muir Street and leaving their vehicles on double yellow lines.

PC Ratcliffe went on: “It’s got to the stage where we are in discussion with North Lanarkshire Council about putting traffic cones alongside the taxi rank spaces to prevent drivers using them.

“Drivers parking on double yellow lines is also a problem as it affects access for disabled people and parents with pushchairs.”

Police say irresponsible parking only adds to town centre congestion, with tailbacks well down Hamilton Road a common occurrence and not only at peak times.

PC Ratcliffe added: “I’ve been getting numerous complaints on these issues and it’s time to take a zero tolerance approach and use the legislation that is open to us.”