Drivers’ anger at delays

Roadworks mean long delays at Shawhead
Roadworks mean long delays at Shawhead

Angry drivers have told of huge delays as three weeks of roadworks got underway outside Bellshill.

Commuters complained it was taking them at least two hours to get from Bellshill to Coatbridge and Airdrie.

Work on slip roads associated with the A8 and A725 has meant temporary traffic lights being put in place, causing long queues.

One driver, writing on Facebook, said: “I left house at 7.35 in Bellshill to get to work in Coatbridge. Arrived in work at 9.33. To say I am angry is an understatement. There is no way this can go on for three weeks. Changes need to be made.”

Another mocked police advice to try alternative routes, posting: “Raith to Shawhead, one hour 55 today. Alternative routes? You go Tannochside and you have three-way lights, you drive into Bargeddie there are more three-way lights.

“Or you go Eurocentral where there are more three-way lights and for all of the above you sit for half an hour to an hour in traffic, so there is no way in or out of Coatbridge without being stuck for hours. Total disgrace.”