Dog faces amputation after severe injury on broken glass

Moseley is comforted by owner Clare Gordon and four-year-old Brandon Saunders
Moseley is comforted by owner Clare Gordon and four-year-old Brandon Saunders

A Motherwell woman hit out at the state of the Calder Walkway as her dog faces having a toe amputated after cutting its paw on broken glass.

Moseley suffered the injury on July 30 while walking with his owner Clare Gordon along the footpath which runs next to the perimeter of Cathedral Primary.

Sadly on Friday she was given the bad news that despite two courses of antibiotics and stitches the wound was so badly infected Moseley will lose a toe.

The glass came from a smashed bottle and Clare believes that North Lanarkshire Council is at fault for not keeping the area tidy.

She said: “I was walking my two dogs on this pathway, I turned and saw my dog limping and blood everywhere.

“When he was rushed to the vets it was established he had an arterial bleed in one wound and had cut his pad so badly it had exposed the joint and bone.

“The pain and suffering my animal has experienced has been appalling and made even worse in the fact that this was caused by reckless and dangerous antisocial behaviour.

“This Greenlink walkway is so scenic and beautiful and yet has been disrespected so long, but in recent months this has increased significantly.

“There are no litter bins, bulbs not replaced on the existing lights, landscape has been left to become so overgrown. The litter that lines the school fence-line is appalling and in term time I would say it is even worse.

“The amount of broken and shattered glass in this area is at dangerous levels. This is not only a disgrace from an aesthetic perspective but from a serious concern for safety. If this injury had been a child there could have been serious consequences.

“I implore my local councillors to visit this walkway personally to understand how desperate this situation has become.

“My dog has suffered terribly and will continue to for some time, if this situation does not get resolved there will be many more injuries to residents, children and animals in the future.”

A council spokesperson responded: “The footpath is routinely swept as part of our cleansing programme, however we will ensure that the broken glass is cleared as quickly as possible and continue to monitor the location.

“If any resident sees litter, fly tipping or other environmental issues in their communities, they can report it to Northline on 01698 403110.”