Diners urged to take the bus

Diners will be asked to take the bus to Indian Manor in Bothwell
Diners will be asked to take the bus to Indian Manor in Bothwell

A restaurant plans to lay on a minibus for customers in a bid to ease traffic congestion.

Changes to Bothwell’s Indian Manor have been agreed despite worries from neighbouring residents over rowdy behaviour and parking.

The Hamilton Road restaurant intends to open upstairs rooms to provide a private dining area, a function room and a bar for customers waiting for tables downstairs.

Nine letters of objection were submitted to South Lanarkshire Council, but the proposal was approved by the planning committee.

Councillors were told that while parking is an issue, the restaurant owner has bought a minibus to transport customers and discourage them from travelling by car.

Neighbouring residents’ worries were outlined in a report to the committee which stated: “There is a concern that the changes will increase the number of events and functions at the Indian Manor and that music, more people, live entertainment or parties taking place until late at night will cause increased noise and disruption.

“Neighbours already endure customers from nearby Da Luciano shouting and fighting while leaving the restaurant late at night, taxis beeping horns and loud music.”

However, planners didn’t accept there would be any significant increase in noise as a result of the use of the upstairs rooms at the Indian Manor.

They did concede that there is an “ongoing issue” with cooking smells from the restaurant and said this is being addressed.

On the issue of parking, it was accepted there aren’t enough spaces in the restaurant car park, but there are plans to set aside spaces at Da Luciano, its sister restaurant.

Residents also claimed “inconsiderate” parking in narrow Old Mill Road has prevented bin lorries getting past, sparking fears over access for emergency vehicles.

The report added: “In order to address the limited car parking and alleviate issues with on-street parking, the Indian Manor owner has purchased a minibus which will be used to pick up and drop off patrons from the local area to encourage them not to bring a car to the restaurant.”