Council wants to smash glass recycle targets

Glass recycling bins will start to be collected on Monday
Glass recycling bins will start to be collected on Monday

Kerbside collections of a new glass recycling service will start from Monday (November 2).

North Lanarkshire Council is delivering new blue bins with green lids to households across the authority, along with an information booklet and a sticker which sets out the collection dates.

All new bins should be delivered by November 6 - anyone who has not received a bin by then should contact Northline on 01698 403110.

Councillor Helen McKenna, convener of the environmental services committee, said: “Recycling glass has benefits for everyone by helping the council meet our recycling targets, creating and sustaining jobs, and diverting more waste from landfill which saves money and protects the environment.

“By collecting directly from households, the council is making it as easy as possible for residents to recycle glass.

“I hope everyone will use the service and help us recycle more of our household waste.”

Collections will begin from November 2 on a four-weekly cycle.

Residents are asked to follow these simple steps for glass recycling:

·Recycle glass bottles and jars – no light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, cups or plates

· Remove metal and plastic lids – place these in your blue recycling bin

·Rinse bottles and jars

·Place glass loose in the bin – do not place in plastic bags.