Council slammed for grass ‘cover up’ at old school

Dead grassed area at old primary school.
Dead grassed area at old primary school.

Thousands of pounds in public money has been ‘wasted’ laying down turf on ground that’s soon to be turned into a building site.

Villagers thought they were getting a new park when a large area of ready-made grass was fitted at the site of the former New Stevenston Primary School in Clydesdale Street.

The listed building had just been demolished by North Lanarkshire Council which intends to build houses on the land.

Nearby residents were bemused when, instead of a construction company moving in, workmen arrived with lorry loads of topsoil which was spread and topped with lush green turf.

However, a short time later the grass has withered and now people are wondering what was the point of the exercise.

Central Scotland MSP Richard Lyle, who lives in New Stevenston, is furious.

He said: “It’s an outrageous waste of public money. A digger could have been in there putting down foundations for new houses, but the council decides to lay grass which is now, after a few weeks, dead!

“This is a council which bleats continually about having no money and criticises the Scottish Government for lack of funding, yet it can waste cash like this.”

A council spokesman said landscaping the cleared site was part of the contract agreed with the school demolition company.

He stated: “The contract included covering the site with soil and planting grass seed.

“This was to avoid leaving it as an eyesore while plans for new houses for the site are being developed - it could be 18 months before building work starts.”

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