Council may ask police to investigate missing bio bags

Some residents haven't received the bags for their brown bins
Some residents haven't received the bags for their brown bins

North Lanarkshire Council is considering calling in police over delays to the new bin collection scheme.

Police Scotland may be asked to investigate after it was discovered thousands of compostable bio bags were not delivered to homes as planned.

An external contractor was hired to make the deliveries and council officials received assurances the work had been done.

However a report from the Head of Regulatory Services and Waste Solutions Andrew McPherson due to be presented to the Audit and Scrutiny Panel tomorrow (Thursday) reveals this was not the case.

The delay has left householders without the new food bags, adding to the numerous complaints made by residents since the new collection cycle began on October 2.

Mr McPherson wrote: “Delivery of the new bags to all properties was scheduled for the three week period before commencement of the new service through the use of an external contractor.

“Three days into this contract, the contractor advised the council that it could not fulfil the terms of the contract and withdrew from the delivery.

“In response to this a revised delivery strategy was devised which involved a mix of internal staff and two separate external contractors who were commissioned by the contractor used for the delivery of all literature associated with the new scheme.

“Delivery of the bags by our own internal staff and the external contractors was scheduled to be completed by October 8.

“Deliveries by our own internal staff and one of the contractors was completed on schedule, however despite assurances and quality checks provided by the other contractor that all deliveries were completed, it became clearly apparent that this was not the case.

“The circumstances surrounding this matter are now being investigated and the council is determining whether the matter should be reported to Police Scotland.”

The delivery of new bags to all households is not expected to be completed until October 30, while delivery of new bins could take until November 22.