Bins have German supplier

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North Lanarkshire Council has admitted that new bins needed to be ordered “due to unprecedented demand.”

However the matter is not as straightforward as it might be - after it emerged that the items are made in a depot in Germany.

This mirrors the situation in North Lanarkshire 10 years ago when changes were last made to the way householders were required to process their rubbish.

Delays were commonplace given the shortage of bins and the distance involved between North Lanarkshire and the manufacturer.

A council spokesperson confirmed that the German firm was being used. as no UK-based factory produces the bins in question.

Since this article first appeared online, the council has in fact denied that the delay is connected to the location of the supplier.

A council spokesperson said: “The council has made it clear to the Cumbernauld News that our contract for the supply of bins is with a German company but this is not the reason for any additional delays in the supply of bins to householders since the introduction of our new waste and recycling service.

“As we have previously said, the introduction of the new waste and recycling service resulted in a significant high demand for new or replacement bins; 17,500 to date.

This demand has led the council to require an additional supply of bins and we are utilising all available resources to deliver these bins to households as quickly as possible.”