Ensure you’re registered to cast your vote

Failure to fill in the  HEF means you can't participate in elections.
Failure to fill in the HEF means you can't participate in elections.

The annual voter registration canvass starts next month, and Lanarkshire residents are asked to ensure they complete the Household Enquiry Forms (HEF) when they receive it.

Residents will need to return it as soon as possible to ensure they remain on the electoral register and are able to vote in elections.

When households receive the form, it is essential re to check all details are correct, amend where necessary and send the form back.

They are encouraged to use a freephone, internet or text message service if their details have not changed, or the online facility where there are changes.

The use of these services not only makes confirming details easier, it also saves on council money compared to the costs of returning the paper form through the post.

This year’s canvass is also looking to capture the details of young persons who will be 16 by the date of poll (May 5, 2016) in order that they may be registered to vote in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.

There is also a reminder that credit reference agencies use the electoral register as a check when assessing credit applications.

Therefore if people are not on the register, their ability to access credit may be affected.

A fine of up to £1,000 may be imposed for failing to supply the information.

Anyone with queries should contact the Lanarkshire Electoral Registration office on 0800 030 4333.