Elvira is NY bound

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Motherwell singer-songwriter Elvira Stitt has made quite a splash since she launched her EP “The Transparent Man” back in April.

But while she was a smash at live gigs including a hugely-successful appearance at Glasgow’s iconic King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut she confesses to feeling just a little nervous about three up-coming performances ... in New York.

Elvira, 18 - known to most folk off-stage as Amy Malcolm - will be performing in venues including The Pass Cafe in bohemian Greenwich Village and The Way Station in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden my horizons and reach new audiences,” she said, “and I’m already thinking of ways I can gain more experience by touring European countries.”

She adds: “I think it’s fair to say my music has a “folky” undertone to it, but it’s still emphatically pop - and I’ve been delighted by the response I’ve had in what’s really been a very short time.

“I’ve got Motherwell College to thank for a lot of the confidence I’ve gained to put my music on stage, and am already planning an LP for next year - but first I’ve got to make a lot of important decisions about whether I go for an actual job, first and foremost - because I think that would give me a lot of useful life experiences - or take up studies at the West of Scotland University.

“In Scotland I’ve got gigs to look forward to at really excellent venues like the Tron in Glasgow, and I’d certainly like to do more of the sort of appearances which worked so well at King Tut’s.”

But how will the relative newcomer from Lanarkshire fare ina Big Apple informal performance milieu where regular attendees include people like Woody Allen?

“It will be a brilliant experience from which I’ll learn a great deal, whatever happens,” said Elvira (name taken from a character in the famous 1962 film ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”).

“But I’m taking no chances with my guitar , which I’m taking in its hard case.

“It’s too expensive to replace, right now, and apart from that it would break my heart if anything happened to it!”

For anyone still to tune in to Elvira’s growing portfolio there are several samples on YouTube available to enjoy online.