Pupils write the script for MSP

OUr Lady's High pupils with Graham Simpson MSP, right.
OUr Lady's High pupils with Graham Simpson MSP, right.

Modern studies pupils from Our Lady’s High School in Motherwell have helped write a speech for an MSP.

They drafted a speech for Central Scotland MSP Graham Simpson on the standard of mortuaries which he used in the Scottish Parliament chamber.

Mr Simpson explained: “I visited students of Our Lady’s High and set them homework of contributing to a speech I was due to give.

“It was a challenging subject and I was impressed with the manner and sensitivity with which they went about the task. It seemed only fair that after such good input I should give them a visit to parliament in return for their hard work!”

The pupils attended a session of the local government and communities committee, which was considering engagement in local government elections, and had the opportunity to speak to committee members afterwards to give their own thoughts as to how participation could be increased.

They then were able to watch MSP’s in action in the debating chamber.