Parents threaten to boycott new school

The audience at Our Lady's High gave council representatives a rough ride.
The audience at Our Lady's High gave council representatives a rough ride.

Parents have threatened not to send their children to a new secondary school built at Ravenscraig.

At a stormy public meeting in Our Lady’s High on Monday proceedings were dominated with parents expressing fears about the possible contamination of the land.

Some even went so far as to claim they would refuse to send their children to the new £36m school planned to accomodate an amalgamted Our Lady’s and Taylor Highs.

The council tried to play down these fears by saying that SEPA has 16 reports which maintain the site is safe and that it is actually even safer than would be necessary for a school.

Head of regeneration Crawford Morgan said: “I would never expose a child to a site that wasn’t safe and all the reports say the capping is doing its job.

“Indeed this land was initially to be used for housing and with that comes even more stringent requirements as people are likely to be digging in the gardens and planting vegetables, which they presumably will then eat so the land has to be absolutely safe.

“The site is continually monitored and the last thing we would do is risk the health and safety of children.”

If it does get the go ahead the new school will be built near the Prospecthill secure containment unit.

The meeting threatened to turn nasty as the audience demanded to know if a school can be built near such a unit, would a unit be allowed to be built near a school - no answer was forthcoming.