Mary Queen of Twitter takes to social media

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One of Scotland’s most famous historical figures now has her own Twitter account - thanks to pupils at a Motherwell school.

Second year Interdisciplinary learning classes at Our Lady’s High have been working on a project on the life and times of Mary Queen of Scots.

And they decided to gain a better understanding of her by imagining how she would have used the phenomenon of social media, had it existed in the 16th century.

Library resource centre manager Jennifer Macfadyen explained: “Pupils watched a documentary about her whole life before splitting into different groups to focus on different time periods.

“With this information, they tried to get inside Mary’s head, and create Tweets as if Mary was expressing her opinions to the world.

“Finally we distressed the Tweets to make them look more 16th century. Examples can be seen on the school website.”

The result was a series of ‘Tweets’ which detailed historical events in a style more relevant to today’s teenagers - from ‘Just seen Rizzie being stabbed right in front of me #SadFace’ to ‘Darnley dead #chinesetonight’.

The pupils involved are rotating around art, modern languages and social subjects, all with a connection to Mary Queen of Scots.