Literacy skills should be priority aim

Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell

The priority for the Scottish Government should be literacy, not another independence referendum.

That’s the view of Conservative Central Scotland MSP Margaret Mitchell who said that the SNP’s target for 2020 should be ensuring that every child can read and write.

Ms Mitchell said: “In the coming year, the Scottish Government will be judged by its record, priorities and by its focus. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon can demonstrate she has the right priorities by making it her mission to ensure every child, no matter their circumstances, leaves primary school able to read and write well.

“The First Minister can also demonstrate she has the right focus by guaranteeing that she won’t drag Scotland back into the constitutional cul-de-sac of another referendum on independence. The Scottish Government has been diverted away from our schools and onto the constitution over the last eight years, prioritising constitutional issues at the expense of pupils and schools. Literacy standards are falling as are levels of satisfaction with our schools.”

The Conservatives claim that some training institutions dedicate as little as a quarter of the time to literacy teaching compared to England.

She added: “Clearly a far greater focus on literacy is needed in our teaching training colleges as well as more importance being placed on it in the classroom.”