Helping to put safety first at Willowbank

Trying out the programme are (l-r) Lawson Logan, UKSE's Anne Clyde, Sian Paterson and deputy head Linda McGarvey.
Trying out the programme are (l-r) Lawson Logan, UKSE's Anne Clyde, Sian Paterson and deputy head Linda McGarvey.

Children at Willowbank School in Bellshill are learning essential life skills thanks to new specialist workbooks and computer programmes from UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE).

UKSE has financially supported the production of the Junior Life Skills programme, produced by Child Safety Media, to educate youngsters about day-to-day safety, accident prevention and social issues such as drug awareness.

Junior Life Skills addresses a number of key topics including safety at home, electricity, roads, health and fitness, first aid, bullying and drugs.

The handbook is designed to involve parents, teachers and children in projects, activities and coursework, which both educate and entertain.

Willowbank offers day support to young people who display high levels of anxiety and vulnerability which impact on their attendance and progress at school.

Deputy head teacher Linda McGarvey said: “This resource will really benefit the pupils at our school and will reassure our staff and the children’s families.

“Junior Life Skills is a fun, interactive programme and the pupils have been tremendously engaged with it.

“The pupils and staff at Willowbank School are extremely grateful to UK Steel Enterprise for sponsoring the provision of these workbooks.”

UKSE regional manager Anne Clyde added: “Junior Life Skills is a great way for children to learn about the many dangers they may face and it’s extremely rewarding to provide them with vital tools and information to lead safe and healthy lives.

“UKSE is a community centred business and these children represent the future of our community, so educating them to become responsible citizens and keeping them safe is of the utmost importance.”

Child Safety Media aims to promote and further the safety education, health and well-being of children and young people nationally by supporting the work of the combined emergency services and schools.

Carolann Dickson at Child Safety Media said: “We are very grateful to UK Steel Enterprise for allowing us to provide Willowbank School with the Junior Life Skills programme.”