College parking headache

Despite the double yellow lines many drivers feel they have no option but to leave their cars on Enterprise Way and receive tickets.
Despite the double yellow lines many drivers feel they have no option but to leave their cars on Enterprise Way and receive tickets.
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New College Lanarkshire says it is doing all it can to alleviate the continuing parking problems at its Ravenscraig campus.

Since the campus opened, initially as Motherwell College in 2010, parking spaces have always been at a premium, but now moves are being made to stop people leaving their cars on Enterprise Way.

A college statement said: “We would like to reassure our students at Motherwell Campus that we are taking the necessary steps to address the ongoing parking issues on the public road, Enterprise Way.

“We have regular dialogue with North Lanarkshire Council and Police Scotland with regards to the parking safety outside the campus.

“Recently, the council has applied double yellow lines on Enterprise Way, with Police Scotland regularly monitoring the impact.

“Police Scotland will issue penalty notices/fines to drivers parking in these restricted areas and we will continue to work with the council to explore alternative ways to address these issues.”

People parking in restricted areas are reminded they could be hit with a £30 penalty notice.

Area Inspector Alistair Anderson said: “The college have made us aware of an ongoing problem where it would appear drivers are ignoring the parking restrictions on Enterprise Way, causing problems for people attending both the college and nearby Firtrees Nursery.

“My officers are aware of the issue and will be visiting the area regularly; anyone found parked in the restricted areas will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

“I would urge all drivers to pay attention when parking at the college to ensure they are parked legally and not causing an obstruction for other road users.”

Students and nursery parents are becoming increasingly frustrated at the situation.

Jemma Gemmell said: “I am not a full-time student at the college but I use the library two or three days a week as an Open University student and also have twins attending the nursery.

“The main road into the college is set for two lanes of traffic, however on one full side cars are parked and halfway down the opposite side.

“In the car park itself six or seven spaces ‘reserved for visitors’ lie unused most days while cars are double or even triple parked everywhere.

“Once I have dropped off the kids I then need to fight to get out of the car park, and have seen me waiting more than five minutes to get back onto the main road.

“I know staff at the nursery can’t get a space if they start after 8.30/9am - the whole situation is just terrible.”