Brannock head happy at report

Brannock High headteacher Robert Colquhoun with a copy of the report
Brannock High headteacher Robert Colquhoun with a copy of the report

Brannock High School is making good progress on implementing improvements recommended following an inspection two years ago.

That’s the key finding in a report of a recent follow-up visit by inspectors which was published this week.

Inspectors found that following the 2013 report the school had refocused its work to reflect more closely on how they address priorities in their day-to-day work with young people.

They also said the school had made progress in improving the learning experience of young people and encouraging them to grow in confidence as leaders.

Staff, they said, had reviewed aspects of the curriculum and it continued to develop with staff continuing to be supported in taking on leadership roles.

The inspectors’ findings were welcomed by Brannock headteacher Robert Colquhoun who said they had found the school’s young people to be well behaved and willing to learn which, when supported by the highly positive relationships between staff and pupils, demonstrated a very positive capacity for improvement in pupil achievements.

He said he was pleased inspectors had recognised pupils were continuing to take a more active role in leading their own learning and that the school’s Leadership Academy and Personal Development Programmes had received particular praise.

He said: “ The inspection process proved to be most valuable to our school.

“It focused clearly on the core business of learning and teaching, with the ultimate outcomes helping us to ensure that we provide a highly effective service to our young people, in sound preparation for life, both within and beyond Brannock High School.”

However inspectors agreed that the school needs more time to deliver further improvements and to demonstrate that these have had a positive impact on young people’s achievement.

As a result North Lanarkshire Council will be asked for a further progress report within the next year.