Dynamic duo are a real draw

Robin (left) and Lorenzo Ehtherington passed on tricks of the trade at Ladywell Primary.
Robin (left) and Lorenzo Ehtherington passed on tricks of the trade at Ladywell Primary.

Last week pupils from Ladywell Primary in Motherwell welcomed the Etherington Brothers as part of the Children’s Book Tour of 2013.

The brothers, writer Robin and artist Lorenzo, have created comic strips for many famous characters including Angry Birds, The Transformers, Star Wars, Wallace and Gromit, and Terminator as well .

They’ve also worked on major animated movies such as Dreamworks’ Monster vs Aliens and Madagascar.

In addition, they’ve written two of their own comic books, Monkey Nuts and Baggage, .

During their visit to the school the pair gave pupils from P4-7 a masterclass in how to create their own comic strip.

Pupils were in awe as the brothers jumped around the gym hall, bringing their characters to life, and all the while explaining to the children how they created their characters and storylines.

All agreed the way the brothers interacted with them and showed them how to create characters and plots from random objects was, ‘Funny and very creative’.

Afterwards the children were given the opportunity to purchase the brothers’ books and then get them signed and illustrated.

Primary 6 pupil Ebony Murray said: “It was really cool that we got to meet a famous writer and illustrator and even cooler when they signed and drew in my book.”

The pupils will now use what they learned during the session to create their own comic strips, trailers and some even plan to act out their own comic strip.

Examples of this work will then be sent to The Scottish Book Trust for their website.

Headteacher Pat Ashworth said that she felt the brothers had inspired the children to be creative either through their writing or artistic skills and couldn’t wait to see what the children produced.

She added: “Who knows, we might have the next Etherington Brothers at Ladywell.”