Drummer Allan desperate for a venue

Drummer Allan McLaughlan is keen to teach.
Drummer Allan McLaughlan is keen to teach.

A drumming teacher is desperate for a venue so he can continue to provide free lessons for enthusiasts young and old.

Allan McLaughlan, a retired pipe and show band drummer, has taught children and adults at various locations in Motherwell over the years.

However, he’s now struggling to find a place and is appealing for help.

Allan said: “My passion lies in teaching these days. I provide all the equipment, including a full drum kit, and I don’t charge for teaching as it has never been about money for me.

“However, many venues are now looking for commercial rates and I simply can’t pass these charges on to pupils. I’m willing to offer free music lessons and yet I can’t find a venue willing to support me!

“I was taught to play as a kid and I remember being inspired by my teachers and my love for the instrument. Some of the pupils I’ve taught so far have been fantastic and I’m sure a number of them would be keen to return if I could secure a venue.”

Anyone who can help is asked to call Allan on 07884 183429. Thursday evening would be his preferred slot.