Drop a glass size ladies

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A new campign is encouraging women to ‘Drop a Glass Size’ in 2013.

As part of the campaign, which also includes a national roadshow, a new ‘drinking mirror’ smart phone app has been developed to show people the shocking effects of regularly drinking too much.

The app is free until the end of March and will show users that cutting down a glass size can have a significant effect on the ageing process.

Latest figures show that around 38 per cent of women regularly exceed daily or weekly sensible drinking guidelines, by drinking more than two to three units a day.

The number of alcohol-related deaths among women aged 30-44 has doubled in the last 20 years, and the chronic liver disease and cirrhosis death rate among 30-44 year old women in Scotland has trebled since the mid to late 1980s.

The campaign encourages women to think about the health effects of regularly drinking above the recommended alcohol guidelines.

Making small changes, such as alternating alcohol with soft drinks or water and having two alcohol-free days a week, can lead to big health improvements.

Eleanor McDermott, NHS Lanarkshire development officer (North) for the Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership, said: “Evidence shows us that most people who drink alcohol, particularly at home, have no idea how much they are actually consuming.

“Alcohol has an effect on your appearance, it dries out skin and can lead to wrinkles and premature aging.

“Many people forget that alcohol also affects your sleep as well as having more permanent, detrimental effects on your overall health.”

She added: “We would urge everyone to become more alcohol aware and familiarise themselves with the strength of their alcohol and the number of units and calories it contains.”

To learn more about sensible drinking and the ‘Drinking Mirror’ smart phone app visit Drink Smarter