Drivers urged to be vigilant to avoid collisions with deer on M74

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Drivers are being advised to look out for deer after Scotland TranServ identified hot spots on the M74 between Motherwell and Douglas.

It is estimated there is as many as 9000 collisions per year in Scotland, resulting in 50-100 human injuries and damage costing £9.5m.

Tommy Docherty, Scotland TranServ’s Network Control Centre manager, said: “Last year our teams recovered 163 dead deer from the trunk road network across South West Scotland.

“Deer collisions doesn’t just mean the loss of life of this beautiful animal, but also damage to cars and injuries to drivers and passengers.”

Top driving tips are: be extra vigilant where you see ‘deer’ or ‘wild animal’ road signs; dip your headlights when you see a deer, otherwise it may freeze in your path; don’t over-react or swerve excessively; if you do hit a deer find somewhere safe to stop and report it to the police.