Drivers in the wrong over town centre right turn

ORDER . . . the no right turn sign opposite the junction.
ORDER . . . the no right turn sign opposite the junction.

CALLS have been made for a crackdown on drivers who flout the rules of the road to take a shortcut in Motherwell.

The issue of motorists turning right from Hamilton Road on to High Road has become a hot topic after an irate Times reader posted a complaint online.

Motherwell resident Jane Davies took to our Facebook page to complain about drivers making the forbidden turn.

It soon became a major talking point, with other readers also venting their frustrations.

Jane posted: “When is North Lanarkshire Council or Strathclyde Police going to do something about these reckless drivers?

“I witnessed this again recently. I was about three cars behind and in front of me two police officers ignored this blatant disregard for rules of the road and just drove on.

“This is dangerous. There is already enough congestion with roadworks without these idiots causing problems.

“It’s time to put a camera here and catch these culprits. Perhaps then they will heed the road signs.”

The junction is signposted with a ‘no right turn’ sign on approach.

The Times understands that, following our enquiry, road safety officials from North Lanarkshire Council visited the area. It was noted that the sign was clearly visible, while improvements might be made to the road markings.

Inspector Gordon Vickers pledged officers will ‘proactively tackle the issue’. He said: “This junction is clearly signposted and drivers who ignore the sign are committing an offence.

“This would normally result in a non-endorsable fixed penalty ticket, but depending on the circumstances and danger caused the driver might be charged with careless driving or another offence and be reported to the procurator fiscal for court proceedings.”

Addressing Jane’s point regarding the officers who may have witnessed a driver committing the offence, he said: “Road safety remains one of our local priorities.

“We allocate our resources to areas which are of most concern to our communities. Local community officers will be briefed regarding this matter.”

A council spokesman said: “We will continue to work closely with the police to prevent illegal manoeuvres at this junction.”