Double success for inseparable twins

Karen, left, and Tina received identical diplomas
Karen, left, and Tina received identical diplomas

Bellshill twins Tina and Karen Grierson delighted parents Ian and Catherine by acting true to form - and graduating with identical diplomas.

The girls went to Bellshill Academy together, studied together and - says dad - go out together as a foursome with their boyfriends.

Their proud dad said: “When they were younger and often wore the same clothes most people really did find it impossible to tell them apart.

“We’re delighted they graduated together, and we had a lovely family celebration - but the fact they gained their diplomas together was hardly a surprise!”

The twins, aged 26, completed their studies at the University of the West of Scotland and received their identical Diplomas of Higher Education in Adult Nursing at a ceremony at the Town House in Hamilton.

Tina, who works as a staff nurse at Carnbroe Care Centre in Coatbridge, said: “Studying the same course was great and provided us each with some very much needed support.

“We motivated each other and encouraged each other throughout the entire course.

“We both enjoyed every aspect of our nursing course. Our lecturers were fantastic - they were really supportive and very passionate about their work.”

Karen, a staff nurse at Park Springs Care Centre in Motherwell, said: “Our course was excellent and we are both lucky enough to have secured full-time jobs as staff nurses.

“It was great to study at the same university as my sister - we both really enjoyed our time at UWS.”