Demolition day for Glencairn

AN exclusion zone will be set up around Glencairn Tower on Sunday as the Motherwell ‘landmark’ is primed for demolition.

The closures of several streets will be in operation from midnight on Saturday to midnight on Sunday and residents are asked to ensure they leave their homes by 10am at the latest.

Streets which will be partially affected are Airbles Street from Brandon Street to Mabel Street, Glencairn Street from Airbles Street to Camp Street and Camp Street from Windmillhill Street to Glencairn Street, while Macdonald Street, Parkhead Street, Cross Stone Place, Oakfield Road, Cairns Street and Factory Road will be closed entirely.

Once every house is clear, there will be a number of security checks taking place and once the all clear is given the demolition will go ahead.

There will be no ceremony marking Glencairn’s demolition and the exact time is not being released for security reasons, but those wishing to watch will want to get themselves a vantage point by around 11am.

After the demolition roads in the exclusion zone will re-opened as it becomes practical, but otherwise diversions will be in place.