Dear green place of peace

Motherwell mascots Claret and Amber open the peace garden
Motherwell mascots Claret and Amber open the peace garden

Berryhill Primary School in Craigneuk held a party to celebrate the opening of its new peace garden.

Last year the school made a successful application to the Lottery Fund to set up an allotment within the grounds in order to grow fruit and vegetables.

A weekly co-op was set up to provide the produce to the local community, as well as a recycled plastic bottle greenhouse at the front of the school in which to raise bedding plants.

There is also a seating area and a selection of shrubs and small fruit trees with parents holding workshops before, during and after school.

As well as the allotment area, part of the plan also involved improving the playground to make it more child friendly and welcoming to the local community.

To this end the fencing was painted all the colours of the rainbow with active games on walls and front entrance, while action was taken at the trim trail as the ground was prone to flooding.

Vulnerable and disengaged children are supported through purposeful playground activities including a sensory area, a permanent football pitch and learning wall boards to promote positive behaviour.

This helps their social skills and develops a pride in their environment and wider community.