David says he feels like he was ‘burgled’

David Gillespie
David Gillespie

In July David Gillespie was given five minutes to get out the door after an asbestos scare at Anderson Tower in Motherwell.

Four days later he returned to find contractors working for ScottishPower had been through all the flats and removed anything they considered might be ‘contaminated’ by asbestos.

In David’s case this meant his brand new lightweight hoover, floor mats and even laundry, with a total value of around £400.

Last week he was offered £230 by ScottishPower contractor IQA to replace his ‘lost’ items which he rejected.

David said: “I almost feel like I’ve been burgled as these people came into my home while I wasn’t there and took my stuff.

“We had been in the flats for weeks with the drilling going on, the guy at my door had a little vacuum, that sucked the dust as he drilled, I never even had to clean up, yet suddenly it was dangerous.

“My hoover hadn’t even been used so how could it be contaminated and if the floor mats were why was the carpet left?

“A woman from the council took a note of everything, we were even told all the items had been photographed and everything taken would be returned like-for-like.

“I expected we’d get the money in a couple of weeks, never for a second did I think it would get to four months without being resolved.”

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “We want to help our tenants resolve their insurance claims as quickly as possible.

“The council have contacted ScottishPower to urge them to resolve our tenants’ claims as a priority.

“We will continue to support the residents of Anderson Tower with this process in whatever way we can.”

A ScottishPower spokesperson said: “ScottishPower and IQA have been in close contact with North Lanarkshire Council and the affected tenants.

“We are individually speaking to residents in the 57 properties on a daily basis, as we have required details from all of those customers.

“Once we received all of those details, and it was clear the insurance company decisions may take extra time, we’ve made accelerated offers to residents in order to reach conclusions as quickly as possible.

“All parties involved are working as quickly as they can, and so far the majority of residents who have responded are happy with the offer and will be settled this week.

“However, the recent letter written in conjunction with North Lanarkshire Council also states if residents are not happy with the accelerated offer, then the process with the insurance company loss adjuster will continue.”