Danica’s a real super hair-o!

Danica has her hair cut at home by hairdresser Dawn Feeney
Danica has her hair cut at home by hairdresser Dawn Feeney

A Motherwell youngster has proven she is a cut above the rest by donating hair to a charity that supplies wigs to children who have lost their own.

Danica Moynagh (6) surprised her parents by declaring she wanted to cut off her luscious locks in aid of the Little Princess Trust.

And the Ladywell Primary pupil’s heartwarming gesture spurred numerous supporters into donating to the cause, with almost £1,000 raised.

Dad Gerry said he, his wife Tracy and Danica’s brother Dominic (9) were beyond proud of her efforts, which culminated in the big chop on Saturday.

He said: “Danica has done brilliantly. The minimum donation of hair the charity can accept is 7” and she had 13” cut off.

“She has raised £900 so far. It costs between £1,500 and £2,000 for parents to buy their child a real hair wig, but the manufacturer sells the trust them at cost, which is around £350 each, and the charity give them out for free.

“We weren’t even going to fundraise, but when Danica mentioned she would like to do this, people approached us and offered donations.

“We set up a JustGiving page thinking we would get about £100, so to raise this amount is just fantastic.

“Most of the donations have been a minimum of £10, and we’ve had £20 and even £50 donations. There’s an anonymous donation of £50 on the page and we would like to thank that person and everyone who has made a donation for their generosity.”

He added: “Danica’s hair will be spread between a few wigs as donations are mixed to suit different colours and textures, so we’re hoping between the hair donation and the money, she will have contributed to several different wigs.”

Little Princess Trust charity manager, Monica Glass, praised Danica for her efforts.

She said: “On behalf of everyone connected with the trust, I would like to thank Danica sincerely for her wonderful hair donation and also for the amazing job she has done in raising money for the charity. Support such as this is invaluable.

“Danica’s hair will form part of a wig for a child within the UK who is currently suffering with cancer, whilst the money she has raised will buy nearly three further wigs for other poorly children.

“It is truly heartening that someone as young as Danica is so keen to do so much for others.

“What an amazing little girl!”

Danica is in good company - pop star Jessie J famously donated her hair to the trust after having her head shaved for last year’s Comic Relief.

To find out more about how you can help, call 0845 094 2169 or visit Little Princesses