Dangerous game by drivers at junction

Councillor wants traffic light sequence at Crossgates to be reviewed.
Councillor wants traffic light sequence at Crossgates to be reviewed.

Frustrated drivers are posing a risk to other road users at a busy town centre junction in Bellshill, a councillor has warned.

They’re failing to give way to other motorists at Crossgates, meaning the chances of a collision are increased.

Now Bellshill councillor Harry McGuigan wants North Lanarkshire Council officials to examine the traffic light sequence at the junction and take action to improve the situation.

Councillor McGuigan said he has witnessed near misses at the junction. The traffic lights allow vehicles from Crossgates and the park and ride area to emerge on to Hamilton Road at the same time, but he says they don’t allow enough cars through and that leads to frustration.

Councillor McGuigan said: “Sometimes you’re lucky to get three cars through at Crossgates before the lights change.

“The park and rideis well used and the lights are at green for those drivers at the same time. Drivers turning right from Crossgates on to Hamilton Road should give way to those from the park and ride either turning left on to Hamilton Road or going straight on to Crossgates, but sometimes that is not happening.

“I think it’s because Crossgates drivers are determined to get through before the lights change and they have to wait another two minutes at the junction.”

Councillor McGuigan, who believes there should be a filter light, has raised the issue with officials, but has not been too impressed by their reaction.

He explained: “They tell me it’s bad driving, but my view is it’s bad driving exacerbated by poor signal arrangements.

“However, they have agreed to look again at what steps can taken. We could be talking about preventing accidents.”