Woman (82) punched by son after TV row

Court heard of son's assault on mother
Court heard of son's assault on mother

An 82-year-old woman was left with a bloodied nose when her son punched her after an argument over what to watch on television.

Dominic Treanor, who had allegedly drunk two bottles of Buckfast wine before the attack, told police officers: “She knows how to push my buttons. That’s why I cracked her.”

Treanor (46), of Merryton Tower, Motherwell, admitted assaulting his mum, Elissa, to her injury and permanent disfigurement at her home in the town’s Arran Road on June 20 this year. An allegation that he brandished a knife at her was dropped.

Treanor was under supervision at the time, having avoided jail last year for stabbing his brother Hugh on the arm in the same house.

On that occasion he was ordered to get alcohol counselling, but Hamilton Sheriff Court heard that when he returned to his mum’s house in June after a fishing trip he was under the influence.

Callum Forsyth, prosecuting, told the court: “Treanor then proceeded to drink two bottles of wine and an argument ensued over what was to be watched on TV.

“The accused’s mother was annoyed and went upstairs to watch TV herself. Later she went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.

“Treanor presented himself in the kitchen and was even more intoxicated by this stage.

“There was another argument about what was to be watched and the accused approached his mother and punched her once on the bridge of the nose. Blood immediately began to drip from her nose and Mrs Treanor went outside to sit on the front steps.”

Mr Forsyth said Treanor dialled 999 and told the operator: “I’ve assaulted my mother. I think I’ve broken her nose.”

Police officers found Mrs Treanor sitting on her doorstep. An ambulance took her to hospital where her nose was cleaned and glued. It wasn’t broken, but she has been left with a small scar.

Defence agent Diarmid Bruce acknowledged it was a “despicable” assault.

He said: “My client is very close to his mother. Although he has his own address he is heavily dependent on her. It would appear he has his own vulnerabilities, but he behaved in a despicable fashion. That is not lost on him.”

Mr Bruce said Treanor denied being drunk and had a different version of events leading up to the assault.

He told the court: “He’s had some difficulties with one of his brothers and it’s his recollection that during the disagreement with his mother she threatened to have his brothers sort him out.”

Mr Bruce said Treanor has been in custody since his arrest in June and his mum has visited him in jail. He asked for bail to be granted while background reports are prepared.

Sheriff Thomas Millar expressed concern that the assault was committed while the accused was on a community payback order, under supervision and getting alcohol counselling.

He deferred sentence until October 13 and Treanor was again remanded in custody.

Last year the court heard how Treanor stabbed his brother Hugh on the forearm with a kitchen knife during a row.

Mrs Treanor, who witnessed the assault, stemmed the flow of blood with a towel and called an ambulance. The victim had the wound stitched and has been left with a scar.

Defence agent Ian Scott said then: “I see the strain of alcohol running through this family.”