Wife appeals for help after attack

Laurette Martin posted pictures on Facebook of her husband James in hospital after he was savegly attacked on Sunday.
Laurette Martin posted pictures on Facebook of her husband James in hospital after he was savegly attacked on Sunday.

Newarthill man James Martin is recovering in hospital after being savagely beaten in an unprovoked attack on Sunday afternoon.

His wife Laurette posted images of his injuries on Facebook to appeal for anyone with any information to contact the police.

Jim was with his 17-year-old son Jordan when he was attacked outside McAlpine’s Bar by two men who had requested a cigarette.

The lorry driver had been in the pub earlier in the day to watch the Old Firm game, but had subsequently gone home and was going to a local shop when he was assaulted.

After being approached by two men James gave one of them a cigarette, however the other punched James who slipped on some ice and was knocked out

His attacker then proceeded to kick James repeatedly while he was unconscious and the man attacked Jordan.

Jordan fought back and managed to escape, running to passing cars for help. His aunt happened to be going to work and he stopped her.

James suffered a broken jaw, broken teeth, and cuts and bruises to his face and there are fears he may have suffered some brain damage.

Laurette said: “It was hours after the football game, but moral of the story is this shouldn’t happen whether it be football, personal, religious etc.

“Almost killing someone doesn’t make you big, or a toughie especially when my husband was already knocked out from falling and bumping his head.

“Anyone with information whether it be a friend, son, brother, boyfriend that has come home in blood, mostly on their shoes from kicking my husband’s head repeatedly in front of his son do the right thing and call police. They deserve punishment.”

Jim is now able to stand for a short period as he awaits being transferred to Monklands Hospital to fix his jaw.

Laurette said: “My husband is progressing well, responding and sitting up, but it’s going to be a long and painful recovery for him.”

Names of who was responsible were being rumoured in the village but Laurette has requested no one take the law into their own hands.

She said: “There have been names flying about of the culprits who attacked my husband, under no circumstance should anyone take anything into their own hands as it has to be left to the police to do their job,

“Please I urge you not to lower yourself and do the same as what was done to my husband. Be better than that, let police do their job please.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “The man and his 17-year-old son appear to have been the victims of an unprovoked attack after leaving the bar to get cigarettes from a nearby shop.

“A full investigation has been launched.”