Victim chased mugger despite being injured


The victim of a mugging in Motherwell chased after the culprit despite being injured as she struggled to hold on to her bag.

The 58-year-old woman was joined in the pursuit by passers-by and the thief, drug addict Victor Wright, was caught before police arrived.

Wright (22), who is from Motherwell, was jailed for 18 months at Hamilton Sheriff Court. He admitted robbing the woman of her handbag, which contained money and an electronic tablet, in Crosshill Street on September 7 this year. He was the subject of two bail orders at the time.

Paula Russell, prosecuting, said the woman was walking to work around 7.30am when Wright struck. She “instinctively” held on to the bag, but Wright was stronger and she needed hospital treatment for a dislocated finger.

Ms Russell said witnesses in a car drove after Wright who was caught a short distance away.

Defence agent Diarmid Bruce said dad of one Wright had taken valium and his recollection was not clear, adding: “He is disgusted with himself. When sober he is a pleasant individual.

“His benefits had been stopped and he was trying to get money for drugs.”

Sheriff David Bicket told Wright: “Not only must this have been a terrifying ordeal for the victim, you caused her to be injured during the robbery and were on bail.”

The sheriff cut a 27-month sentence by nine months due to his early plea.