Three jailed for attack on prostitute in Motherwell

Merryton Tower, Motherwell.
Merryton Tower, Motherwell.

Three men who gagged, bound and robbed a prostitute of cash and other valuables in her Motherwell flat were handed lengthy jail terms at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Judge Lady Wise branded the ‘carefully planned’ attack ‘callous and brutal’.

The 27-year-old victim was found in her Merryton Tower flat by an Avon lady on her rounds who said she heard muffled cries for help, but all she could see through the glass in the door was a head swathed in black and yellow tape.

The victim said she had answered the door thinking it was a customer, but was punched twice by a man who then held her down while his two accomplices ransacked the flat.

Jason Barton (41), of Pentland Court, Coatbridge, was jailed for six years, John Coulter (24), of Douglas View, Coatbridge, got five years and David Coulter (21), of County Armagh, Northern Ireland, was given a four and a half-year stretch.

All three denied assault and robbery, but were found guilty after trial.

The court heard the woman advertised her services on an internet website which included a mobile phone number. The Crown suggested she was targeted because, as a prostitute, she would be reluctant to call the police.

Police seized David Coulter’s phone and found he had called the number. He had also hired a blue Hyundai car which was picked up on CCTV as it headed for the flats.