Stabbing victim was found at Motherwell bus stop

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard of stabbing.
Hamilton Sheriff Court heard of stabbing.

A woman stabbed by her cousin’s boyfriend was later found lying at a bus stop with blood gushing from a serious wound.

Jack Scallan had knifed Maria Wands, who has mild learning difficulties, because she wouldn’t stop crying during an argument.

She was kept in hospital overnight and needed five staples in her neck and six stitches for a wound to her abdomen.

The attack happened in Orbiston Court, Motherwell, just a month after a man was stabbed and nearly killed during a disturbance in the same street.

Scallan (44), of Glen Tower, Motherwell, admitted stabbing Ms Wands to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement on June 16 last year.

Paula Russell, prosecuting, said Ms Wands was with her cousin Elizabeth Blackburn - Scallan’s partner - at the address in Orbiston Court.

Ms Russell told the court: “A minor argument occurred between Ms Blackburn and Scallan which upset Ms Wands who has mild learning difficulties and began to cry.

“She was told repeatedly by other parties to be quiet, but continued to cry. Then Scallan left the living room and returned carrying a kitchen knife.

“He lunged towards Ms Wands, stabbing her on the abdomen and then striking her with the knife on the neck, just below the chin.”

Despite her injuries the victim said she was leaving to get a bus home and Scallan walked her to the bus stop.

Ms Russell added: “She was found later, lying on the ground at the bus stop.”

Sentence was deferred until June 10 and Scallan had his bail continued.

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