Stab attack victim in hospital

Victim was taken to Wishaw General Hospital.
Victim was taken to Wishaw General Hospital.

A man was in hospital being treated for serious injuries this week after a vicious attack near his Motherwell home.

It’s understood that steward John Burton (44) was targeted after ejecting a rowdy customer from a pub a short time earlier.

As many as four men, some armed with weapons, are said to have ambushed Mr Burton as he walked home around 1.30 on Sunday morning.

He suffered stab wounds and it appears he was also beaten with a metal pole.

A friend said: “This is an outrageous thing to happen.

“John told a guy to leave a pub in the town centre on Saturday night. He was only doing his job and ends up in hospital with serious injuries.”

A police spokesman said Mr Burton was taken by ambulance to Wishaw General Hospital. He remained there yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) when a hospital spokesman described his condition as stable.

It’s understood police are following a definite line of inquiry.

A spokesman urged anyone who witnessed the attack on Mr Burton or anyone with information relating to the incident to contact CID officers at Wishaw police office by calling 101.

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