Sex offender faces three years in jail


A serial sex offender convicted of following young boys could spend the next three years in prison.

Thomas Twycross was on early release from jail when he stared at youngsters aged eight and 11 as they played in the street. He tried to hide behind a wall and a car as he spied on them.

Twycross (62), of Grange Avenue, Netherton, was found guilty at Hamilton Sheriff Court of causing fear and alarm to three boys near his home on July 21 this year.

He was jailed for two years and eight months in 2012 after he admitted making indecent remarks to a girl aged 12 near his then home in Freesia Court, Motherwell. He also admitted having obscene photographs of children.

Twycross was jailed in 2003 for pestering young girls at a park in Coatbridge. In 2006 he got a three-year stretch for stalking girls aged eight and 14 in Bellshill where he was living.

Last week the court heard that Twycross was on licence when he committed the latest offence. The licence has been recalled and he could remain in jail until September 2019 as a result.

Defence agent Raymond Ferguson said the parole board is ‘unlikely to take a sympathetic view’ of the latest offending.

Sheriff Vincent Smith said it might appear ‘surprising’ the accused had been prosecuted under summary procedure where sentencing powers are ‘somewhat restricted’. The sheriff said there was a ‘significant’ sexual element in this case and jailed him for a year, the maximum available.