Serial vandal warned they will be caught

"JAWZ" struck in the car park of Asda Motherwell last week
"JAWZ" struck in the car park of Asda Motherwell last week

The police are on the hunt for a notorious Motherwell vandal and warned they will be caught.

For months numerous building and vehicles across the town have been spray painted with the word “JAWZ”.

Last Tuesday (December 1) at Bellshill woman became the latest victim when her white Audi was targeted in the car park of Asda Motherwell at around 8pm.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I can’t have been in the store for more than 15 minutes and when I came out I saw my car been vandalised.

“I didn’t see anyone hanging around when I went in, I guess they just saw the white car and decided it would make a good canvas.

“I went back into Asda, but they said the CCTV covering the part of the car park I was in wasn’t working so the per son responsible hadn’t been caught on camera.

“It’s lucky it was just paint which washed off and my car wasn’t more severely damaged, but after using the store loads of times I won’t be back as I don’t feel my car will be safe and I would urge other motorists to be careful.”

The police believe “JAWZ” to be an individual rather than it relating to some sort of gang tag.

They have asked for the public’s help in identifying who the perpetrator is so they can be stopped from covering Motherwell in their ‘art’.

Community safety officer PC Garry Cook said: “‘JAWS’ has tagged numerous things in the area to the detriment of the community and caused significant financial loss to local people as well as North Lanarkshire Council.

“This vandalism really has gone on long enough and we are now determined to positively identify the individual involved so they can be stopped.

“If anyone has any information which may lead to “JAWZ” being caught then I would urge them to contact their local police office by calling the telephone number 101 or call Crime Stoppers in confidence on 0800 555 .”