Queen recognises top police officer

Nelson Telfer
Nelson Telfer

A former Motherwell police officer, who rose to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland, has been recognised in the New Year’s Honours list.

Following his recent retirement Nelson Telfer crowned almost three decades of police service to the public with the award of a Queen’s Police Medal.

Nelson joined Strathclyde Police in 1990 and he first served in the Motherwell area.

In the years that followed, he saw steady promotion and moves, being an inspector at Wishaw and then a superintendent in Glasgow.

All this was leading to the post of Commander of the Strathclyde ‘N’ Division (North Lanarkshire) before, on the formation of Police Scotland, taking charge of its new Lanarkshire Division.

He was to move on to the post of Assistant Chief Constable in 2017, by chance roughly the same equivalent rank reached by another Lanarkshire man, Willie Muncie.

He had a challenging introduction to his new post, taking charge of Police Scotland’s response to the Manchester terrorist bombing.

He was also put in charge of policing of the Glasgow European Championships sports event in August of last year.

Despite his achievements, the award of the coveted Queen’s Police Medal came as a genuine surprise to him.

He said: “I’m absolutely honoured and humbled to receive the QPM after nearly 30 years dedicated to policing.

“This has come as a total surprise and is undoubtedly one of the proudest moments of my career.

“It is, however, not only about me, it’s about the outstanding support and guidance I have had from so many great colleagues, my family and friends and without them this would not have happened.”