Prison for abusive calls

Ayr Sheriff Court was told of abusive phone calls made by Motherwell man Scott Hotchkiss.
Ayr Sheriff Court was told of abusive phone calls made by Motherwell man Scott Hotchkiss.

A Motherwell man has been jailed for 10 months for bombarding his ex-girlfriend’s new female partner with homophobic phone calls.

Scott Hotchkiss (27), of Grange Tower, was convicted of making abusive calls and breaching a court order not to contact his ex, Jodie Foster, and her girlfriend, Kirsty Wilson.

Ms Foster said she had left Motherwell to get away from Hotchkiss after being in a relationship with him for five years. She now lives with Ms Wilson in Ayrshire.

Hotchkiss was found guilty at Ayr Sheriff Court of making abusive phone calls between May and July this year.

Ms Wilson told the court it was ‘really bad homophobic abuse’ which upset her so much she had to see a doctor.

A police officer who was with the women when one call was made said he heard a man on the other end of the phone saying ‘You are going to get your lights panned in’.

Hotchkiss denied making the calls, suggesting the women had got together to get him in trouble. He was cleared of making abusive calls to the women earlier this year.

In the latest case defence agent Steven Lilly produced an itemised mobile phone bill showing no calls made to the women. Hotchkiss denied having another mobile phone on which he might have made the calls.

Mr Lilly said Hotchkiss wanted to ‘move on with his life’, adding: “I don’t think it’s inconceivable that people have colluded to make these calls.”

Ms Foster, a hairdresser, was happy with the guilty verdicts but not the sentence.

She said: “Ten months isn’t long enough for what he put us through.

“I moved from Motherwell to get away from Hotchkiss. These were horrible, disturbing phone calls and what he said was really derogatory. I’m afraid it will continue when he gets out.”

Ms Foster, who worked as an administrative assistant in Motherwell, said she is currently studying beauty therapy and intends to open a salon.