Police react to call for action against disorder

PLAN: Police are taking action after residents' complaints.
PLAN: Police are taking action after residents' complaints.

Police have launched a new action plan to target large groups intent on causing mass disorder at spots in Motherwell and Carfin.

Officers are targeting an area behind Parkneuk Street, Motherwell, and Leven Terrace, Carfin, following ‘a marked increase in acts of disorder, drinking in public, littering, vandalism and general anti-social behaviour’.

Reports suggest that as many as 60 people have been involved in these incidents on occasion.

A specific policing plan has been created after Police Scotland and local councillors were inundated with complaints from concerned local residents.

This includes an increase in patrols of both high visibility and plain clothes officers.

Inspector Davie Plunkett said: “The local constituents have made numerous complaints to their councillors and police about these ongoing issues.

“It is my intention to increase the numbers of officers in these areas which will also be policed robustly.

“If persons are committing offences, appropriate action will be taken.

“Parental alert letters will also be sent out to parents of young persons believed to be involved if stopped in the area.”

Motherwell North councillors Helen McKenna and Pat O’Rourke supported the move.

Councillor McKenna said: “We are serious about tackling these incidents of anti-social behaviour which blight the life of so many of our residents.

“We will work with the police and local community to ensure those responsible are taken to task.”

Councillor O’Rourke added: “North Lanarkshire Council is committed to working within a multi-agency approach to ensure that residents do not have to suffer the intolerable behaviour they have been experiencing recently.”

Anyone with information about these incidents is urged to call 101.