Owners’ sorrow after death sentence passed on dog

Doomed . . . Eddie, the dog given a death sentence.
Doomed . . . Eddie, the dog given a death sentence.

A Bellshill couple have spoken of their horror after a sheriff ordered their dog to be destroyed.

The death sentence was passed on Eddie, a 20-month-old South African Boerboel, which was deemed to be ‘dangerously out of control’.

But David and Margaret Meekison, of Thorndean Crescent, claim the family pet was ‘a gentle giant’ and dispute claims that it bit a woman and a police officer.

A campaign which included a petition and ‘Free Eddie’ slogans painted in the neighbourhood failed to prevent an order being made to have the dog destroyed.

Margaret said her legs ‘turned to jelly’ when she heard the death sentence passed. She and her husband have both been banned from keeping dogs for five years.

See the Bellshill Speaker - out on Wednesday - for a full interview with the couple.