Mum describes nightmare in Tunisia

David and Andrew Ewing
David and Andrew Ewing

A Bellshill mum has spoken of her fear after learning of the terror attacks in Tunisia while holidaying in the African country.

Eileen Ewing and sons David (17) and Andrew (7) flew out for a week-long break last Wednesday, less than 48 hours before a gunman opened fire on a beach in Sousse.

Staying in a resort around an hour and a half away, Eileen first became aware of the horrific incident as frantic relatives and friends bombarded her mobile phone with messages.

Speaking from her hotel, Eileen told how security at their resort was stepped up as staff urged them to stay indoors.

She said: “On Friday at lunchtime the reception was busy and had a sort of buzz to the atmosphere which I hadn’t noticed before.

“I looked at my phone and noticed texts asking if we were ok. Then I realised something had happened.

“Immediately the reps were going round reassuring everyone that the safest place was in the hotel and that security at the hotel and on the beach had been doubled.

“The reps stayed around the hotel the whole day answering questions.

“I sent a group message to my family through Facebook to keep them updated without using my phone credit so I could let them know we were safe.”

Although anxious to get home, Eileen made the decision to see out the end of the holiday due to awkward last minute arrangements to fly holiday makers home.

She explained: “On Saturday, we were told extra planes were being flown over to take people from the affected area home if they wanted, but we weren’t included in that due to how far we were from the troubles.

“On Sunday they took names of people who would like to be considered for going home.

“We were told if we got seats we would only be given 20 minutes’ notice and not guaranteed seats together or which airport we would be flown to.

“We decided to just stay till Wednesday as it was only three days away.”

Eileen also told the Speaker yesterday (Tuesday) of the eerie atmosphere at the hotel.

She said: “During the day I am fine, as there’s plenty to do, it’s at night I get scared in the room with my boys on our own.

“My imagination runs wild and I listen to every sound trying to work out what it is.

“A lady I have been talking to at the pool has given me her room number in case I need her or her hubby at night since I’m on my own with my boys.

“The hotel gets emptier every day due to people going home, but no one is arriving in their place.

“I am looking forward to packing my case and can’t wait to get home. At the moment the flights are still the same but we have to keep checking with the rep in case anything changes.”