MSP Margaret raises concern over assaults

Margaret Mitchell MSP
Margaret Mitchell MSP

MSP Margaret Mitchell has claimed that hospital assault stats provided by NHS Lanarkshire and other Scottish health authorities have revealed the ‘true’ extent of violence.

The Conservative Central Scotland SNP said hospital statistics on people who have been assaulted differed significantly from those published by police.

Mrs Mitchell said figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives revealed that 8,690 people went through hospital doors in 2012/13 suffering from a range of injuries stemming from assault - including 332 in the NHS Lanarkshire area.

However she said Police Scotland had only recorded 3,226 serious assaults, along with several thousand minor incidents.

She said: “Anyone who is forced to go to hospital as the result of an attack can certainly consider themselves victim of a serious incident in the form of an assault.

“The Scottish Government is always quick to say when a crime statistic worsens, it is a result of improved reporting by police. I’d be interested to see what the explanation is for this chasm between the actual incidents taking place and what police are recording.”