Motherwell man jailed for stabbing pal in television set-to.

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A Motherwell man’s law-abiding days ended in spectacular style at the age of 61 when he stabbed his pal in a row over a damaged TV.

A sheriff said it was a “completely disproportionate” reaction to the set being accidentally knocked over.

First offender Robert Storrier was jailed for 16 months after he admitted stabbing Philip Halloran on the head and body to his severe injury in August last year.

The attack happened at Storrier’s home in Millfield Avenue, Motherwell.

Paula Russell told Hamilton Sheriff Court the accused and Halloran had been drinking together in a pub.

She said: “They left together to buy more alcohol and went to Storrier’s home.

“In the early hours of the morning, Halloran bumped into the accused’s TV, causing it to fall to the floor.

“Storrier became outraged at this, shouting and swearing at the complainer. He then made his way to the kitchen and pulled two large knives from a drawer.

“He had one in each hand and Halloran was backing off when his pal lunged at him. He put his hands up to defend himself and was struck on the hand by a knife.

“Halloran made his way to the hall at the top of the stairs, but Storrier continued to lunge at him and struck him on the head with one of the knives.

“Halloran then fell down the set of stairs as Storrier continued to shout and swear at him.

“He was shouting ‘You’re lucky that’s all you’re getting’ as Halloran apologised repeatedly to him.”

Storrier himself dialled 999 and told the caller he had stabbed Halloran for damaging the TV.

Halloran was taken to Wishaw General Hospital where nine staples were used to close the four-inch cut on the top of his head. A small laceration to his hand was glued.

Storrier told cops “I stabbed him. I f..... up. He just went mental and kicked my TV. I can’t believe what I’ve done.”

Lawyer Diarmid Bruce said Storrier believed his pal had knocked over the TV deliberately, damaging it.

Asking for a community-based sentence, Bruce added: “He has lived a decent life and stayed out of trouble until he let himself down here.

“He wasn’t thinking clearly due to having taken excess alcohol, but it’s fair to say he’s not usually a violent man

“He has various medical problems, but is fit to do unpaid work.”

But Sheriff Vincent Smith told Storrier: “Your reaction to the complainer bumping into the TV was completely disproportionate.

“It’s fortunate the injuries inflicted were not more serious.

“Violence involving the use of knives will not be tolerated.

“I take into account your personal circumstances and the fact that you are a first offender, but I consider the only disposal appropriate is imprisonment.”