Motherwell lorry driver caught with dirty cash dodges jail

A Motherwell lorry driver caught with more than £150,000 of dirty money during a major police undercover operation has been spared jail.

Timothy Shaw (51), of Macrius Way, is a former soldier who served in the Falklands War and in Northern Ireland.

At the High Court in Glasgow he admitted transferring ‘criminal property’ from Scotland to England in August 2010.

Shaw was recently released after serving a 21-month jail stretch for smuggling millions of cigarettes into the UK.

But this time the judge, Lord Matthews, deferred sentence and told Shaw: “This is a troubling case in many ways.

“I accept you did not know how much money was in the bag and I’ve decided to see if you have learned the lesson of your imprisonment.”

It’s believed the money would have been used to buy drugs. Shaw claimed he was told the padlocked bag he was asked to transport contained a Playstation.

Defence QC Mark Stewart told the court Shaw was shot while serving in the Fallklands.

He added: “After leaving the military he associated with a number of people who were under surveillance and agreed to transport the bag with the money in it from Scotland to England.

“He had no idea there was that amount of money in the bag he was carrying.”