Look what thugs did to my mum

Assault victim Theresa Campbell
Assault victim Theresa Campbell

A furious woman has revealed shocking photographs of her mother who was beaten up in her Viewpark home.

Theresa Campbell (46) suffered black eyes, a broken nose, cuts and other bruises during the attack, said to have been carried out by two youths at the house in Mulberry Road late on Friday night.

Stacey Clements posted on Facebook: “It breaks my heart to write this, but people need to know what these low life scum did to my mother.

“They beat her black and blue — she has broken ribs and a very sore face. Theses low life scum hurt my mum so bad she will be mentally and physically scarred for life.

“I want everyone to know what they have done to my mother who would never hurt a fly.”

It’s understood Theresa knew her attackers and police are following a positive line of enquiry.