Lawyer hits out at ‘jealous’ t-shirt critics

Bobby Petta sports a Bruce t-shirt during a workout in the gym.
Bobby Petta sports a Bruce t-shirt during a workout in the gym.

A Motherwell solicitor has hit back at criticism of his firm’s publicity t-shirts.

Bruce the Lawyers clients have been sporting the clothing as well as boxers and footballers sponsored by the firm.

There have been comments made in legal circles that solicitors should be above using branded t-shirts to advertise their services.

However, director Diarmid Bruce said critics are just jealous of the company’s success. Latest figures show Bruce the Lawyers was the fourth highest legal aid earner in Scotland last year.

It was paid £1.3 million, an 11 per cent increase on its 2014/15 figure, and well above any other Lanarkshire firm.

Mr Bruce said: “The vast majority of lawyers commend our success and realise the hard work and dedication required to achieve it.

“Unfortunately, as is often the way in life, you get a small proportion of lawyers who are jealous of our remarkable success. Often they try to undermine us as they are unable to emulate us.

“The t-shirts were intended as a joke to annoy that type of ‘hater’ even more.

“However, we also sponsor many boxing clubs and football teams who are keen to wear our t-shirts, and they are useful in that regard.”

Forgewood Amateur Boxing Club and Shettleston Juniors FC are two of the organisations sponsored by the firm.